Welcome to Multilingual Understanding and Shared Education (MUSE) Society

MUSE was formed in 2011 in recognition that British Columbia’s families are ready for bilingual Mandarin and English education at the preschool, elementary and secondary levels, with an emphasis on contemporary values, cultural sharing and preparation for the post-secondary world.

As a registered independent, non-profit organization under the Society Act of the province of British Columbia, MUSE will provide these learning opportunities using a proven curriculum enhanced by optimal language acquisition strategies and a learner-centred approach.


To foster a cohesive, prosperous society that cultivates the benefits of cultural diversity and understanding through high quality multilingual educational programs, and support networks focussed on the sharing of related educational resources.


To develop and provide provincially-recognized and extra-curricular bilingual educational programs in Mandarin and English, to enable dual language fluency and cultural competence among preschool to Grade 12 children of all linguistic backgrounds and ethnicities.


We will implement a world class, locally-designed, research-based curriculum that will help students prepare for a globally-oriented and pluralistic society/community, stimulate their creativity, and teach them social responsibility.

We will involve universities, include hybrid learning with online courses, and connect to real world experiences.

We will seek active engagement by educators, parents, community members, corporate leaders, and policy makers to achieve our vision.