Multicultural Fun Craft: The Doll Festival

Girls’ Day is coming! A day for all girls. Never heard of it?

It actually exists. In fact it’s been around for over 1200 years in Japan.

This day is also known as “the Doll Festival (hina matsuri)” because of the traditional Japanese dolls display. The stars of the display are the Emperor and the Empress accompanied by the imperial musicians, court ladies and ministers.

So any typical household with girls in Japan would display either the whole set of the doll display (which could be up to 7 tiers of platforms) or just the Emperor and the Empress around this time of the year as they celebrate the arrival of Spring, wishing health and happiness for their daughters.

You can read about the details about the day (e.g., how to celebrate, the full display of the dolls, etc.) here.

Today, I would like to share with you a fun craft idea as the day reaches by. We have been so lucky to have Milli, our daughters’ Japanese babysitter/tutor to celebrate this day with fun age appropriate crafts over the past 4 years. This year, because my older daughter has turned 4, Milli facilitated a craft workshop that is a little more elaborate than just colouring and cutting out paper dolls.

Made of Recycled Materials: Bunny Doll Display for Girls’ Day


Air-dry clay, 2 paper cups, 2 toilet paper rolls, Gold papers, Some colourful cloth scraps, 1 sheet of red paper, A chocolate box lid, pink, green, black paper scraps (or any colour of your choice)

1. Make two bunny heads out of air-dry clay (or really any kind of animal you like), let it dry.

2. Draw face parts, and decorate with a hat and tiara.head.JPG








3. Make a screen out of a gold paper. Fold it like an accordion. It’s better if the paper is a little thick.

4. Wrap the box lid with a sheet of red paper. IMG_8155.JPG








5. Cut the toilet rolls and make them into peach blossom trees.

6. Stick tiny pieces of green and pink papers onto the branches. IMG_8159.JPG

7. Decorate paper cups with cloth scraps.

Traditionally red and blue but any colour will do!

8. Make a little fan for the girl bunny (fold a small piece of paper like an accordion), and a shaku ( a stick for the boy), and glue them on to the decorated paper cup.

9. Place the head on the paper cup (turned upside down).

10. Place the bunnies in front of the golden screen and between the peach blossom trees


And here you are! The cutest hinamatsuri display to celebrate your girls!

Special thank you to Milli for teaching my girls about hinamatsuri (girls day)

Do you have a day to celebrate girls in your culture? Please go ahead and spread Girls’ Day for girls all around the world. It’s March 3rd!

Would love your feedback and questions.

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